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January 27, 2013 by Andee

I am not particularly crafty. I wish I was. If you knew me only by my Pinterest boards, you’d probably think I was – In my head I am, even!

pink YAY

I want to be a crafty type. I want to stop living vicariously through Pinterest, WeHeartIt, and Tumblr, and I want to start crafting some of the totally cool things I’ve come across. And I had an epiphany today, about why, up until this point, I have failed at crafting (…scrapbooking aside, but then, I tend to be a minimalist when it comes to layouts).

I don’t have much patience for perfecting an art which, incredibly, is apparently sort of important if you aren’t naturally gifted.

Perfecting an art takes practice, and I’ve always hated practicing.

I hated going to softball practice when I was younger, though I loved playing in the games.

I hated practicing playing the flute, but loved performing in my school’s symphonic band.


I am was the type of girl who just wanted to dive into the pool headfirst, without bothering to learn how to swim.

I wanted instant gratification before I even knew what that phrase meant!

Shockingly, this doesn’t always work out for the best. And now that I’m, well, older if not wiser, I am learning the importance of practice. Practice is the crux of a skill. It is the ultimate even exchange. Unless you’re a prodigy in whatever you undertake, with practice, you get out what you put in. I have to work hard at a talent in order to be good at it.

Practice and patience go hand in hand. Two traits that I wish I didn’t need to waste time on, I am now learning to cultivate.

Which brings me to Wedding DIY.

Being the uncrafty individual that I am, I’ve thought long and hard about the projects I would be willing (and able) to undertake in order to give our wedding just a touch of handmade charm. I wanted one facet to be undeniably us, something that we shed blood, sweat, and tears over (ok…not literally). I decided that Save the Dates are innocuous enough for us to DIY and since they’re not technically necessart, if they come off a little cheesy or silly, well, who cares?

Depending on how well they turn out, we’ll likely also be crafting our ceremony programs (if we end up wanting them) and the escort and place cards.

I just ordered a pair of shoes to go with my dress (originally I picked a gorgeous pair of retro heels from JCrew that I got on sale for more than 50% off, but my left foot has a a rather pronounced bunion, and the shoe isn’t wide enough to accommodate it, so that after two hours the pain starts shooting up my foot and ankle, and becomes unbearable) and I plan on using one of the many Glitterify Your Shoe tutorials to make them just as sparkly as the JCrew ones, and they will be perfect! I’m short at 5’2″, with a fiance who is just about a foot taller than me, and I think it will be utterly quaint and romantic to have pictures standing next to each other at our true heights!

spilled glitter

Finally, we originally wanted to order a dragon cake topper from someone I found on DeviantArt, but (as I suspected she would several months ago) she stopped taking commissions. So – and this would be a surprise for my fiance, if I can pull it off – I am going to attempt to craft a dragon cake topper. I figure I’ve got until September 8, so if I start at the beginning of March (one project at a time, that’s also part of practicing and perfecting, and the Save the Dates are turning out to be rather time-consuming) and do one test dragon per week, I figure I’ll have a fine feel for whether or not this is doable by the time summer rolls around. And if the dragons don’t work out, we can always order a cake topper off of Etsy.


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